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Meet Dan Knop

Dan Knop is a Class A PGA Golf Professional with over 20 years of golf instruction experience.  He has taught over 10,000 lessons and works with all levels of golfers. Dan is originally from Tampa, Florida, and graduated from Florida State University with a Professional Golf Management Degree. He has previously worked at Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina as an Assistant Professional, at Meadowcreek Golf Course as a Teaching Professional, as Head Professional at River Wilderness Golf and Country Club, as Head Professional at Lakewood Ranch Golf and Country Club, and now as Player Development Director at Oakhurst Golf and Country Club. 

Dan is dedicated to helping you with your game and is available for individual, group, and playing lessons.  Dan works with students to develop specialized teaching programs just for them.  

Dan’s Coaching Philosophy and Mission

Dan’s goal for every student is for them to become their own teacher. Dan feels that if the student knows why something happens with the golf shot, then they can take corrective action and commit to a better swing. At every level, there are steps to take to get to your end goal. He will put goals in place for you to get to the next level.   The easiest and fastest way to improve is the short game, and Dan provides mechanics and drills for you to practice so this part of your game becomes the best.
With fundamentals in place first, he quickly finds something that either needs to be corrected or improved. Not all swings need to be changed. There are swing dynamics that need to happen for a solid golf shot. Dan works on these regardless of swing type. Things like pre-swing, back-swing, impact, and follow-through should be fundamentally sound to hit a good golf shot. Dan works on these with every player and relates this to the player’s skill type. Dan also wants his students to understand ball flight rules and how the swing affects the ball flight.


Adult Lessons and Programs

Improve your game with private or playing lessons with Dan Knop.


Junior Golf Lessons and Programs

Coaching programs, playing lessons, and individual lessons available.


Online and indoor golf lessons and programs

Get your golf swing improved by sending your swing videos and getting professional feedback. Prefer in-person coaching? Schedule coaching in Dan’s state-of-the-art indoor facility.


Custom Club Fitting

Get the clubs you need! Schedule a private session with a certified
club fitter to help you maximize your potential on the golf course.

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